Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sport-A-Bout Transport Service -

"Two Seat Bug"
digital collage by Mick Mather

DERBY, Derby Historical Society - The Ad Club of Derby recently presented the Ministry of Transportation with a series of old advertising posters. The half dozen posters are of historic note for their prominent display of "The Bug", a 2-seat, mini airbus designed and manufactured by Sport-A-Bout, aimed at, and popularized by, the youth culture of the day. Also of prominent note and historic value is the appearance of the young Princess of Derby in each of the adverts. After the advent of the gates and jump ports, such transportation vehicles became needless in most urban areas and have been relegated to the province of collectors and enthusiasts of motive power. Transport Clubs in The Rural Counties still use all manner of vehicles and The Bug remains one of the most popular. While transportation industry manufacturing was greatly reduced, it is still a thriving industry today. Most Derby Day Trip tour operators include a visit to The Transport Museum where this poster set will become a permanent display. Call your tourism agent today!

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