Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ancient Monument discovered -

"Pyramid Valley, Oopsville"
digital painting by Mick Mather

DERBY, Oopsville, Ministry of Ancient Antiquities - A millennial storm recently made all known maps of the Great Northern Dessert of Derby void with a month long shifting of the sands by gale force winds. Even as cartographers were scrambling to retrieve satellite data, early remapping photographs showed a pyramid structure near Oopsville. The historic tourist attraction known as the Sand Hills of Oopsville suffered major shifting and initial assessments were grim for the future outlook of the area. The largest dune, having been completely removed by the storm, gave up its secret and both the Federated Park Service and the Ministry of Ancient Antiquities have upgraded their disaster reports to reflect the fortuitous news. In the photograph shown here, the scale of the monument is difficult to ascertain since it is dwarfed by the newly created dunes that surround it. The Park Service has already graded a service road to the area so that geologists and engineers can undertake the stabilization processes required that will allow study to begin as quickly as possible. Interested in seeing the new pyramid? Do you have a name for the new pyramid? The Ministry of Tourism is undertaking a public information campaign built around the important needs of preservation, scientific study and cultural heritage that will include day trips and specialty tours very soon. Contact your agent today!


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

OOooh, I love this, Mick. And I'd love to play along. This is SUPER!

My son in-law has some art that might be fun to integrate into this. I meant to copy some and send it to you. (He was at the opening).

Mick said...

I'll look forward to seeing something if he wants to send it along or to have you do it. As I said at the other post, not to worry over this until the time is right. I'm certain the momentum will build until it reaches the point where something will have to spill over the dam! :)