Saturday, November 3, 2007

The R2 Factory -

"Power Core Upgrade at the R2 Factory"
digital collage by Mick Mather

OOPSVILLE, DERBY, Ministry of Science & Future Technology - A recent advance by teams of engineers and AI developers at Netsky is expected to improve the intelligence capacity of machines to previously unimagined levels. The new power core hardware is assembled from millions of clusters of nanotech appliances capable of progressive, intuitive and creative thinking. Apparently, the AI code writers plugged a desktop model into the wrong power outlet where a surge resulted in the creation of magnetic fields that quickly became intertwined with - and took control of - the linear thinking loops. Soon, the model was creatively thinking and learning on it's own as evidenced by work output that was clearly defining, refining and recreating the field to achieve faster and better results as well as making innovations on the programmed linear task loops. The power core installations for factory line R2 units will begin soon and the Ministry of Tourism has already partnered with Netsky and their Public Relations department to promote factory tours. Contact your local agent for details!

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