Sunday, June 17, 2007

Susu Islands -

"Susu Islands"
montage and digitally manipulated photograph by Mick Mather
(original photograph - top - by SusuPetal)

NEW WORLD YORK, Susu Islands - The Outer Dust Rings Federated Postal Service in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism has announced plans for a joint release of a philatelic passport. This first-in-a-series of mini-stamp collector albums - as part of the "Your Paradise" campaign - will feature The Susu Islands of New World York. Famous for it's tropical atmosphere, miles of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, this out-of-the-way island paradise is perfect for swimming, diving, boating or casual beach combing. Each page of your personal passport will have a place for local postage stamps and will be annotated with the official mark of the local tourist authority. 12 different postal commemoratives and official rubber stamp imprints will be available at specified locations - such as "Sunset Bay" (shown). The close proximity of each individual island and the availability of every form of transport in this group makes for an ideal family vacation. Send your request for further information and your FREE collector album today. Let your adventure begin!

(My sincere thanks to SusuPetal for permission to use and manipulate her photograph - the top image seen in this post - further information, star maps, system maps, jump gate locations, historic documents, arts & culture, myth & legend, etc. is requested - please scroll to the bottom of this page for details and contact info)


SusuPetal said...

Susu Islands sounds a place worh travelling to. Glad to be of assistance in completing this paradise:)
Tropical atmosphere and sandy beaches are just what my heart yearns and craves for!

Thank you, Mick, for creating this place.

SusuPetal said...

Hi Mick,

I wrote about Susu Islands in my English blog and also my main blog in Finnish.

Mick said...

Hi! Hi! Susu ... I'm pleased that you enjoyed this piece. I'll stop by your place in a little bit - thanks for writing about too!

hpy said...

Hi, I'm sure, I've been there! A wonderful place.

Mick said...

That's the spirit! I've been living there for at least a week or two while working on the piece. Now, of course, I've found a delightful photograph over at your place! We'll chat again after I have some time to consider it. :)