Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Currency -

"Mud People of Jericho"
montage by Mick Mather

JERICHO, Anthroplogy Theme on Jericho Currency - Coined money on Jericho has been scheduled for recall by the ODR Federated Mint. Soaring costs of precious metals following the 100 Years Civil War has fostered the introduction of a new, plastic-based currency, already being introduced as the recall begins. The One Dollar denomination (shown) is perforated and all 28 segments can be detached as needed. Already referred to as the 'Mud Penny', each segment features the common image of one of the ancient 'Mud People' whose descendants still exist in the arid regions of the planet. Anthropologically speaking, the mud people are a reptilian evolutionary anomaly found only on Jericho. The strict enforcement prohibiting movement of the old, metal currency off-planet will be lifted upon final recall and tourism initiatives aimed at attracting banknote collectors from across the system are being planned.

*(further information, star maps, system maps, jump gate locations, etc. is requested - please leave additions in the comment box)

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