Friday, June 1, 2007

Ministry of Tourism -

"Derby Sunset"
digitally manipulated photograph by Mick Mather

DERBY, Where the Sun Burns Down the Sky Every Night - The Ministry of Tourism will release a new series of post cards to kick off the "Sunset Season" as part of the "Your Paradise" campaign. Beginning next month, a commemorative postage stamp will be issued by the Outer Dust Rings Federated Postal Service and unveiled at a First Day of Issue Ceremony in the village of Commondale during the Alignment of the 12 Festival. All items - the postage stamp, post card and a Maximum Card First Day Cover - will be available during, and for 30 days after, the event. Planning a trip to Derby? Now is the perfect time. Welcome Home to Your Paradise!

*(further information, star maps, system maps, jump gate locations, etc. is requested - please leave additions in the comment box)


carla said...

Oh my! Have you started a new blog just for this? I love how you have captured a real postcard look in this piece... the sunset is beautiful and the type has that "old school" p[ostcard look.

Mick said...

Indeed I have started a NEW blog just for this ongoing, collaborative, Sci-Fi tale. A coffee table book in the making - or, closer to the intended untruth, a Tourist Booklet from the Outer Dust Rings Ministry of Tourism. I'm delighted that you enjoyed the post card and my next task is to design the Commemorative Stamp that's meant to go with it. Also, I need to get busy organizing that Festival!!

Janice said...

amazing... This is a really neat idea...:) and a beautiful view..and I look forward to seeing the series develop...

studio lolo said...

Wonderful photo!! I'd love to paint this :) I also loved the photo of your Granddaughter at the cemetery. Very poignant.

Rrramone said...

Kentucky? Really nice. :-)

Mick said...

I say thanks with my usual blush. Do come back often and have a look around - I post new work about once a week here. Don't forget, this is a collaborative effort and anyone can submit an image for review and possible use.

Thanks so much for the other comment on my granddaughter. She is so sweet. As far as painting this image? Wouldn't that be something to see? Permission granted and to post at your place if and when you do. :D

It isn't Kentucky, but Upstate New York in Jefferson County, Town of Henderson near Henderson Harbor. I have a series of photographs on the back burner for a project I've written about at MickmathersARTblog in the past. Called "Henderson Skyline", the series is comprised of the tallest structures in the Town. In the lower left, rather dark in this manipulation are two silos. I haven't got the photo's yet, but there are a number of bird houses seated atop 30-foot poles that are going to be included one day.

modroom said...

I like what's in you outer dust rings, keep it coming! Thanks for your comment too.

Mick said...

I appreciate the comment. As already said, this is a collaborative, ongoing Sci-Fi adventure. Perhaps you'll participate at some point?