Saturday, May 19, 2007

Historical Antiquities -

"Dreaming the Glyphs of Tanak"
montage by Mick Mather

TANAK, The Ancient Glyphs - The Ministry of Ancient Antiquities has announced that a cache of hieroglyphic tablets, never before seen, has been installed at The Tanak Museum and will remain on view indefinitely. This exhibition will afford an opportunity for these particular tablets to be viewed and examined, with an appointment to request special permission for access. A post card featuring one of the clay tablets with Professor Gillian "Gil" O'Casey super-imposed on it is one of seven cards on sale at the Museum Shop. Professor O'Casey was instrumental in translating this group of tablets and will preside over a lecture series to be presented over the course of the next two years. All presentations will be recorded and archived but those who wish to attend in person are urged to make reservations now. Send all requests and inquiries to The Ministry of Ancient Antiquities.

*(further information, star maps, system maps, jump gate locations, etc. is requested - please leave additions in the comment box)

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