Sunday, December 16, 2007

Time and Space -

"Poster: Time Tunnel Week"
digital drawing by Mick Mather

DERBY, The Time & Space Continuum, Ltd. - The investors in TSC, Ltd. have announced the Grand Opening of Timegate Adventures. In a few short months the public will be invited to schedule week-long vacations that will not only take you anywhere in time, but will also have you back home before your tea has finished brewing! Ideal for that section of the labor force employed in high stress occupations and for research project teams whose work shouldn't be interrupted, this new business is expected to create thousands of jobs. From destination booking sales, time guides and relocation specialists to philologists, anthropologists and survival specialists. A planned series of time study projects is being undertaken by TSC, Ltd. in partnership with the Ministry Of Tourism for the purpose of identifying the most popular time sites and for development of affordable family package tours. Toward that end, Time Tunnel Week has been instituted to test the market as well as a means to solicit the time travel pioneers who will pave the way for this exciting new field in the leisure services industry.

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