Sunday, October 7, 2007

Battle Front: The Tanak Wars -

"On the Deck in a Hot Landing Zone"
digital collage by Mick Mather

TANAK, Fire Fight - A rare photograph of The Sloganeer taken as he piloted the SSCV -Sub Space Combat Vehicle - "Freedom" during an early battle on Tanak before air support was little more than an odd memory. With controls for a pilot and a navigator the famed Robert Robert Robert was, in this instance, able to get a series of in-flight combat mission photographs as part of a low level troop support operation. These combat craft were modified from the EADS-designed subspace jet, The Astrium, used for early space tourism on Terra. Redesigned for low-level support and reconnaissance runs, they were equally effective for sub space attacks on incoming enemy transports and fighters. The contact sheets of this documentation were discovered in a wastebasket that had been relegated to the back of a closet at an old ground support field mechanics shed. Its value as a historic record is unquestioned with the added bonus of having another dozen actual photographs of the infamous mercenary whose efforts in leading the guerrilla resistance were crucial in turning the tide against the invading horde. A new exhibition is planned for immediate display at The Tanak Wars Museum.

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