Saturday, September 15, 2007

Derby Historical Society -

"Star Baby Plasma Units - Maximum Postcard"
digital collage & artistamp design by Mick Mather

DERBY, The Derby Historical Society - The recent discovery of historic, private papers belonging to Princess Odelia of Derby uncovered a sought after 'maximum postcard'. Considered a rarity by philatelists and deltiologists as well as military historians, this pristine piece will be transported by The Kings Guard to an honored place in the Exhibition Display of the Tanak Wars. It is believed to be addressed to Princess Odelia in the hand of the legendary mercenary soldier known as The Sloganeer. There is no message on the back and no cancellation of the postage stamp, giving rise to the theory that this is but one of many postcards purchased and addressed but never sent. Only one other card of this type attributed to the mercenary exists and remains in the estate of Robert Robert Robert. The famed pilot, navigator and personal friend of The Sloganeer was a philatelist - known across two parsecs for his assortment of acquisitions - and that tattered, blood-stained collectible resides in his personal collection. Managed by the Robert Estate Trust, negotiations to exhibit the war torn postcard alongside the one shown here are underway. A ceremonial service on the anniversary of the armistice of that terrible conflict is expected to occur.

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