Friday, April 13, 2007

Ministry of Tourism -

"Clouds of Dust"
digital collage by Mick Mather

OUTER DUST RINGS, The Dark Door - One of the most beautiful sights in the system can be viewed from Jump Port Station ODR - known as The Dark Door, this area is an exit/entry to a wormhole whose opposite end is within the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The belt itself, thought by some to be a planet exploded by some ancient catastrophe is clearly, from the perspective of ODR Scientists, a planet that has not formed. Probably due to the wormhole and it's disruptive energies. Whether traveling from The Belt to The Rings or vice versa, travelers are encouraged to save a few hours to visit the observation bubbles and see this wondrous array of all the 12 planets that make up the Outer Dust Rings.

*(further information, star maps, system maps, jump gate locations, historic & documents, arts & culture, myth & legend, etc. is requested - please leave additions in the comment box)


Janice said...

this is beautiful... love the symmetry

Mick said...

Thanks so much. This work-in-progress is sure to take a twist and a turn as I figure out how best to develop and create this imaginary place.