Saturday, March 31, 2007

Historical Site Considered for Commemorative Postage Stamp -

"Jump House"
digital collage by Mick Mather

DERBY, Outer Dust Rings Federated Postal Service
- An historical photograph of the first Jump Portal on Derby was recently uncovered in an old filing cabinet at the abandoned Government Services Annex in Pottersby Crossing. The annex was once a bustle of activity approving visas, passports and diplomatic couriers. So busy that a hotel was built for the extended stay required when such approvals caused lengthier and lengthier waits. The original name, Hotel DuJour, went out of use almost immediately and has long been referred to instead, as Jump House. A generic term now, any facility used for a stay while waiting to access a Teleport is referred to as Jump House. Finding this photo has led to an official application to the Postal Service for a commemorative postage stamp. A small group of Peace Activists are attempting to block any approval, citing the appearance of the legendary Mercenary Soldier, The Sloganeer, in the photograph. Excited at the reference, not immediately noticed by the historic committee, the image seems to be gaining support from veterans of the Tanak Wars. Visits to the ruin continue to increase in popularity and transport from Derby to Pottersby Crossing have increased.

*(further information, star maps, system maps, jump gate locations, etc. is requested - please leave additions in the comment box)

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